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Angle Pot - Small


This 100% porcelain plant pot by BTW Ceramics is perfectly sized for herbs or small house plants.  The outside of the pot features hand-cut angled lines that are unique to each pot.  The inside of the pot is glazed and water-safe.  Each pot comes with a porcelain dish.  The pot has holes in its base.  

  • Dimensions:  5" x 4"
  • Materials:  porcelain
  • Designed and fabricated in Brooklyn, NY

BTW Ceramics is the company of designer Brooke Winfrey. Its aim is to create minimal functional ceramics that are modern and approachable. With creative details such as precocious lines that can't ever be straight or subtle uneven texture, their hand formed shapes are highlighted. Their object's unmistakable handmade feel draws attention to the creation process. Each piece embraces the playful nature of clay and accentuates it's idiosyncrasies by pairing raw, rough edges with smooth, flowing lines.

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