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Raritan Coffee Table


This is a sleek low-to-the-ground coffee table made from reclaimed wood joists that were saved from an old factory in Upstate New York. The look is very simple and its minimal height features the aged character of the salvaged industrial wood and lets it speak for itself. Each piece of wood is hand-selected for it’s individuality. It is then lightly plained and sanded. The wood is joined together and sanded to create a tabletop that is a sturdy flat surface while retaining it’s oddities. The legs are installed and the wood is finally finished with a light layer of tung oil. Finding new beauty in old things, that’s what it’s all about.

  • Dimensions:  roughly 50″ x 20″ x 15″ and can be fully customized to fit any space
  • Materials:  industrial reclaimed joists from a demolished factory in Upstate NY, hand-cut iron piping
  • Fabrication Time:  4 days, made to order
  • Designed and crafted in Brooklyn, NY

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs or just purchase the table as shown.

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