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Sling Wine Rack


The Sling Wine Rack was inspired by clean lines and elegant functionality of camp furniture.  Sized to fit perfectly on your kitchen counter or living room sideboard, it is intended to showcase your collection of wine and spirits, to create conversation among your guests, and to inspire discovery of the many varieties of wine from all around the world.  Coil + Drift designed the rack to be an original conversation between three beautiful materials, cherry wood, steel, and leather, creating a look and feel of sophistication that evokes the American West. 

The Sling Wine Rack holds six bottles of wine, each horizontally suspended in the air by two leather straps, one holding the body, and a shorter one holding the neck as they wait to be opened and enjoyed.  

  • Dimensions:  15” x 14” x 10 3/4”
  • Materials:  FSC-certified cherry wood, steel, deer hide
  • Designed and crafted in Brooklyn, NY



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6-Bottle Sling Wine Rack 6.jpg
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