Unconscious Forms

Film Trailer

Unconscious Forms explores the way we move inside the privacy of our homes,
amongst our treasured possessions.


Created by Coil + Drift as a vessel to launch its new 2018 designs, Unconscious Forms is a multidisciplinary project comprised of new objects, a live performance installation, and an original short film by Charlie Schuck

Between March 9 and 11, 2018, Coil + Drift debuted Unconscious Forms with an immersive installation including live performance, new furniture and lighting, a printed lookbook, and a preview of the film at the 2018 Collective Design Fair in New York City inside the fair's celebrated Collective Concepts section. 

In May of 2018 the Unconscious Forms film will debut inside a site-specific installation.  Location and more information to be announced shortly.


New Objects inside Unconscious Forms

John Sorensen-Jolink | designer  director  choreographer
Charlie Schuck  | photographer  filmmaker
Natasha Felker | stylist
Marla Phelan | dancer
Stephen Xue | dancer
Sean Davidson | production designer