The Many Lives of a Hover Shelving Unit

Coil + Drift's Hover Shelving Unit is designed with flexibility in mind.  Recently owner John Sorensen-Jolink moved to a new home in Brooklyn, NY and took his original Hover Shelving Unit with him.  The new space was had a completely different shape and offered an opportunity to reconfigure the shelving unit to fit perfectly.


John's Hover Shelving Unit in its original home.  This configuration took advantage of the space above the doorway.  Made of assorted hand-selected reclaimed wood, iron piping and steel clamps, the completely customizable shelving unit is ideal for the city-dweller because it can be easily reconfigured and disassembled and moved.

Books were displayed in alternating vertical and horizontal stacks.  In the new apartment, the shelves are rearranged to frame the desk and cascade up the wall diagonally to hide an uneven wall.

Of course, the flexibility of the Hover Shelving Unit is not just reserved for the folks who hop around a lot.  The easy installation and movability (there is no need to screw the feet of the unit to your floor) means you can reconfigure the shelves and move the unit from room to room just for a change of pace.

The reconfiguration of the unit and books reveal many titles that had gone unnoticed for years, like a modern French translation of the Bible (hey, why not?!) and many travel books from all over the world (time to travel!).  

Maybe it's time to invest in a space so that you can finally curate your personal collection and be proud of you treasures.